and thought we were alone


Our daughter, Kinzie, had noticable delays from the beginning. I was her biggest avocate.  Others said she was just a little delayed, but I knew there was more to it than that. At nearly 2.5 years old, Kinzie was hardly talking. She wasn't udnerstanding words.  She had sensitivity to noises.  She spend time lining up toys around the house.  She was obsessed with tutus {maybe that's just a girl thing}. But she was happy and had a smile that lit up the world.  

When she was diangosed with PDD, my world shattered.  I was alone. I was sad. I was scared. I had no idea what to do. Finally, after a while, I snapped out of it. I wasn't alone. She would be fine.  We would do everythnig we could to help her succeed in life. This was no different than if she didn't have that label.  So, speech and occupational therapy began. At 5 years old, her doctor said she would probably outgrow any traits by the time she was 8 or 9 years old. {Which is what happened}


Our son Kyle is five years old. He recently started Kindergarten. About 8 months ago, Kyle was diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. He's been in Play Therapy for about 6 months.  He's obsessed with Minecraft, DANTDM and Roblox. He's sweet, smart and loving.  He's going to start Occuplational Therapy soon for fine motor skills.  

We recently had Kyle evaluated for High-Functing Autism. That testing is still going. We are still in the process of figuring out the best path for Kyle with therapy and school.  No matter what, we know Kyle will be just fine.  

My name is Catherine and I am a photographer in Corpus Christi, Texas. I've been marrried to my husband, Robby for nearly 10 years. 

Letters From Holland started off as a personal project, but after it started people from all over wanted to participate.  My goal is to share expereinces. 

About Holland

WELCOME TO HOLLAND was written by Emily Perl Kingsley. It is located on the HOME page of this website. Read that to understand why I named my project Letters From Holland.



What are letters from Holland?  They are letters or messages that parents of children with special needs or a diagnosis of some sort.  It could be ADHD, Cancer, Autism, OCD, ODD…anything.

In these letters, parents share their experiences.  They share what life is like for them.  They show other people they aren’t alone. I’ll be photographing one child a month and sharing their story.

I am also accepting other photographer’s submissions.  Photographers may send me photographs and have their clients fill out a letter for the blog.

People who just want to write a letter for the blog, can submit a letter.

I started Letters From Holland a few years ago, but took a little break. However, it’s never really left my mind. I want to share the stories of parents who might have gone through similar experiences or maybe new parents are just starting their journey. One of the best things for me was learning I wasn’t alone. Hearing from people with similar situations help me.

A parent shared a story by Emily Perl Kingsley. I could relate. I wasn’t alone. This is where the idea of Holland came about and where I got the idea to share stories of parents and their lives in “Holland.”